New app to keep your VPN provider honest!

VPNSecure Canary Checker

A warrant canary is a statement saying a company has not received secret requests for user data by government or law enforcement officers. The existence of a warrant canary on a website indicates the “all clear”. When it disappears, visitors might assume the website has received classified requests for data and should proceed with caution.

This Windows script will check for the warrant canary at, and if missing or older than X days, it will:

  • send a notification email to any number of email addresses (including but not limited to VPNSecure support)
  • Optional: uTorrent kill switch to end uTorrent(if running) and rename uTorrent.exe to uTorrent.exe.bak so it won’t launch at its next scheduled time. If the warrant carry is fixed\updated, the script will automatically rename uTorrent back, reversing the changes.

You will need to update the values in the settings file to send emails. The settings also has an option to specify how outdated the canary should be before action is taken. There is also a uTorrent kill switch setting you can use to specify when uTorrent should be disabled (never, when canary is missing\expired, or only when canary is missing). Here you can also adjust the verbose setting to have VPNSecureCanaryChecker.exe launch invisibly, ideal for background usage and scheduled tasks.

The ideal usage of this script is to launch it using windows task scheduler on a reoccurring basis. Note that the uTorrent kill switch requires admin rights, so if using this option ensure you have scheduled the task to run with highest privileges (or have UAC disabled).

Logs of all activities are saved in the same folder as the VPNSecure Canary Checker.

This script can easily be adapted to work for canaries of other providers or to kill other programs instead of, or in addition to, uTorrent. If you adapt the script for another purpose please just give credit where credit is due. Should you like help adapting this script for your purposes feel free to shoot me a request.

v1.0 Released on July 2, 2016

Download VPNSecure Canary Checker


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