VPN Auto Connect v1.2 Released!

I just released VPN Auto Connect v1.2, while it’s essentially the same as v1.1, a new tool now comes bundled with it; “Configurator for VPN Auto Connect”.

In the past, to configure the app’s settings you would have had to manually edit a settings file using a text editor, well NO MORE! Now you can use the Configurator to adjust your settings easily as well as schedule tasks with the click of a button (no more having to manually set up tasks in windows task scheduler!).

The Configurator was actually a lot of work for me, as it took me out of my comfort zone, but now that I’ve built it for VPN Auto Connect, it should be fairly quick and easy to do the same for my other apps; so you can expect to see similar updates to my other tools in the not-too-distant future. That being said, it may take awhile as my wife and I just had baby #2 seven weeks ago, and we’re moving in 1 week, so free time is a scarce resource these days! On that note, any donations would be very much appreciated, or if that’s too difficult, perhaps just post a comment with your thoughts or thanks! Always happy to hear feedback.

Here’s a screenshot of Configurator for VPN Auto Connect so you get get a sense of how easy it is to setup! If you were to hover your mouse over any of the items, tips will pop up with more info making it even easier to use.

Configurator for VPN Auto Connect

Download VPN Auto Connect


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