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VPN Auto Connect
VPNSecure Canary Checker
Shutdown Timer
VPN Bypass for Plex Media Server


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uFiler is a windows application designed to be launched by uTorrent to perform various functions when downloads are queued and/or finished. Torrent labels such as “TV”, “Movie”, “teamviewer” or “-m —-Nas–NewDownloads” etc. can be used to automate tasks like organizing your media library as it downloads, downloading subtitles, moving or copying downloads to whatever folder(s) you choose, all while sending optional notifications/updates to an unlimited number of Kodi/XBMC or Plex machines when downloads start or complete, and the list goes on with even more functions like launching teamviewer, killing tasks, etc.

Included with uFiler is a number of bonus utilities able to download subtitles, send custom messages/popups to any Kodi/XBMC machine, send update commands to your Kodi/XBMC library or libraries, and export your Kodi/XBMC library.

Download at the uFiler website

VPN Auto Connect

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In today’s world, keeping your data anonymous and encrypted on the internet is necessary to protect yourself. To that end, VPNs have become increasingly popular. But VPNs can and will occasionally get disconnected, leaving you exposed. Some VPNs offer a “kill switch” baked into their software to disable your entire internet connection when you get disconnected, but very few are able to disable just a certain program (e.g. uTorrent) or re-connect to the same or alternate VPN servers… enter VPN Auto Connect.

This windows script will ensure you are always connected to your VPN (using OpenVPN GUI). If disconnected, it will try to reconnect to one or more pre-set ovpn configuration files. If a connection cannot be established, this script can (optionally) kill uTorrent and (optionally) send you email notifications. After a failed connection attempt, you will only be notified when a connection is re-established (i.e. you won’t get an email every X minutes if connection attempts keep failing). When a connection is re-established, you can (optionally) auto-restart uTorrent.

All options can be customized in the using the “Configurator for VPNAutoConnect” tool; alternatively you can edit the settings file directly using a text editor. Here you can also adjust the verbose setting to have VPNAutoConnect.exe launch invisibly, ideal for background usage and scheduled tasks. You can also specify an alternate opvn config directory, in case you want to auto-connect to different VPN config file(s) than those used in OpenVPN GUI. All action taken by this script will be logged in the same directory as the script itself.

The script will loop through each ovpn config file located in the config directory in alphabetical order until the number of set connection attempts is reached or a connection is successfully established.

v1.0 Released on July 17, 2016
v1.1 Released on July 22, 2016
v1.2 Released on July 31, 2016; added “Configurator for VPNAutoConnect” tool to enable easy configuration and task scheduling of VPNAutoConnect
v1.3 Released on Aug 22, 2016; focus will return to active window instantly after launching OpenVPN GUI, also enhanced logging

Download VPN Auto Connect (mirror)

VPNSecure Canary Checker

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A warrant canary is a statement saying a company has not received secret requests for user data by government or law enforcement officers. The existence of a warrant canary on a website indicates the “all clear”. When it disappears, visitors might assume the website has received classified requests for data and should proceed with caution.

This Windows script will check for the warrant canary at, and if missing or older than X days, it will:

  • send a notification email to any number of email addresses (including but not limited to VPNSecure support)
  • Optional: uTorrent kill switch to end uTorrent(if running) and rename uTorrent.exe to uTorrent.exe.bak so it won’t launch at its next scheduled time. If the warrant carry is fixed\updated, the script will automatically rename uTorrent back, reversing the changes.

The uTorrent kill switch setting can be set to specify when uTorrent should be disabled (never, when canary is missing\expired, or only when canary is missing).

This script can easily be adapted to work for canaries of other providers or to kill other programs instead of, or in addition to, uTorrent. If you adapt the script for another purpose please just give credit where credit is due. Should you like help adapting this script for your purposes feel free to shoot me a request.

v1.0 Released on July 2, 2016
v1.1 Released on Sept 6, 2016: changes to support canary.txt’s new date convention

Download VPNSecure Canary Checker (mirror)


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Sick of your home videos taking over all your free hard drive space? Why not compress them? Using Handbrake for Windows, this script will shrink all the mp4’s, avi’s and mkv’s in a specified folder (including subfolders) without any noticeable loss in quality.

Just drag and drop any file or folder you want compressed onto AutoHandbrake (or a shortcut to AutoHandbrake) and sit back and relax.

Alternatively, you can launch the program via command line, a shortcut, a scheduled task, or some other program or script.

v1.0 Released on May 27, 2016

Download AutoHandbrake (mirror)


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Use this application to update your hosts file to prevent your computer from connecting to selected internet hosts\websites. This is an easy and effective way to protect you from many types of spyware, reduces bandwidth use, blocks certain pop-up traps, prevents user tracking by way of “web bugs” embedded in spam, provides partial protection to IE from certain web-based exploits and blocks most advertising you would otherwise be subjected to on the internet. A properly configured hosts file can act as your PC’s first line of defense, why trust your antivirus to protect you after a connection has been made when you can prevent connecting to potentially dangerous hosts in the first place?

The application comes in two versions; HostsUpdater and HostsUpdaterSilent. Launch HostsUpdater if you want to see what it’s doing and use HostsUpdaterSilent if you’d rather the application run invisibly. This applicable is best used in conjunction with windows task scheduler to launch the application as often as you’d like. When scheduling the task, be sure to check the box to “Run with highest privileges” (as administrator rights are required to edit the hosts file) and also complete the “Start in” field with the path HostsUpdater is saved to on your PC.

HostsUpdater combines the following three sources to update the hosts file, each of which are constantly updated to protect you from the dangers of the internet:

HostsUpdater will only add new entries to your hosts file each time it’s run so no need to worry about duplicate lines or exponential growth of your hosts file. The date and number of new lines added to the hosts file are saved to a log file in the HostsUpdater folder.

Note: After running HostsUpdater you may have difficulties using the download links on this page as they are ad-enabled. You may need to temporarily disable the hosts file by renaming (or editing) it. The hosts file can be found here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Download HostsUpdater (mirror)

Shutdown Timer

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Schedule your computer to shutdown by launching the app and entering the time you’d like to shutdown using any of the supported formats listed in the examples below. You can also schedule a shutdown using cmd line arguments.

120m, 2h, 2h30m, 8:00am, 10:00pm, 20:00, 12/31 20:00, 12/31/2014 8:00am

Note: Scheduled Shutdowns are cancelled each time Shutdown Timer is launched

Download Shutdown Timer (mirror)

VPN Bypass for Plex Media Server

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It does just as its name implies. This application allows your Windows Plex Media Server to connect to despite having a VPN running on the same machine.

Included in the download is an exe version and a bat version of the application; the exe is the same as the bat except it runs invisibly. For best results, use windows task scheduler to launch the exe (with highest privileges) as often as you’d like.

This will ensure that even if the Plex IP address changes, your setup will automatically route it past your VPN. A list of routed IPs will be saved here: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\PermittedPlexIPs.txt

Related forum post\discussion can be found here. More discussions can be found all over reddit, just google reddit +vpn +XFlak

Note: you will still need to forward traffic from port 32400 on your router to your Plex Media Server as is required even for machines not using a VPN.

v6 of the script released on June 1, 2016: Changed how the exe is packaged so as to not run from the temp folder and should therefore not cause problems for folks using Kaspersky or other anti-viruses that similarly block services launched from the temp folder.

Download VPNS Bypass for Plex Media Server (mirror)


9 thoughts on “Apps

  1. Jeff

    Hey XFlak40, I found your site searching for the VPN bypass for Plex, but with the forums down the link to download the file isn’t working. Any chance you could host it somewhere else for the time being? It looks like the perfect solution I’ve been searching for.


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  4. Matthew

    Hey there, I stumbled upon your Plex server script. Is there anything I can do to access transmission web interface from behind a VPN? Would this solution work or completely negate the purpose of the VPN? Thanks!


    1. xflak40 Post author

      You can set up ddns and port forwarding on your router. You’ll also want to make sure your computer has a static local IP address. This is opening up a window to your network though, personally I wouldn’t be that concerned but I have to provide the disclaimer to proceed with caution.


  5. Ascendor

    How do I route SabNzbd the same way as I did with your script for Plex. Since I am running everything on a Mini PC, the entire PC is under VPN, and with your script, I was able to host Plex remotely, but SabNzbd is still under VPN, and I would like to utilize my gigabit internet speed. Thank you!

    I currently have Sabnzbd in SSL mode at address: it works fine, within network, and is currently behind VPN.

    Thank you again.



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